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Key Features

GetMyChargingPole improves the EV drivers experience with their vehicle by easing the tasks related to parking and recharging EVs. The app make possible to search for facilities, to start navigation, to know technical information, to recharge the EV, to manage payments and more.


Search Parking and Charging Stations

The app support the users in searching and identifying the infrastructures for their vehicles.


Payment of charging services

The users can rely on the app to pay (via SMS and others) the charging of their vehicles.

Visualization and Maps

Visualization and Maps

The users can visualize the identified infrastructures on map being aware of their availability status.


Provision of feedbacks

The users can send feedbacks on the quality of services provided by each infrastrcuture in a social way.

Technical Details

Technical details of Parking and Charging Stations

A full understanding of all the available technical details of each specific infrastructure is provided to the users.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

In full respect of the privacy of the users, the app can monitor securely and anonymously relevant data on its general usage.


Booking of the spot and recharging enabling

Through the app the user can book a spot and consequently enable the recharging for their vehicles.

Vocal Assistant

Vocal Assistant

An advanced interaction with the app related services is provided by using the smartphone vocal assistant.


GetMyChargingPole mobile app is simple and usable. However, a number of common questions can be found here below.

GetMyChargingPole can be installed from the Google PlayStore at this link.

GetMyChargingPole is implemented by Gruppo SIGLA srl in collaboration with the BIoTope consortium, thanks to European Union fundings.

The app is available to be furtherly implemented, extended and adapted according to Gruppo SIGLA srl’s business plans to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

If you want more commercial information on the app, please, refer to .

Currently ParkingEnergy Ltd’s charging stations are enabled for payment via SMS.

At the moment, all the data used by the app are provided by the BIoTope IoTBnb service.

In full respect of the users’ privacy NO data on the users’ movements and on the localization of their devices are collected or treated anyhow. No personal data are collected and stored by the app.

Supported Technologies

App available for Android.